The Birth of Gods and Legends are born here! 

  Welcome to  the HandsOfGods website                                             

I hope every member of he linkshells listed be welcome and not afraid to join in on the fun that awaits us all. We will do all we can to ensure that this site and the linkshell's be one fo the best on the Istory server.

 These shells were made with the idea that everyone has a say in it and everyone is treated equal in them. The focus on these shell's are to be great at all aspects of the game, mining, crafting, exping, and overall good standing people. Many of the members are FFXI players from all servers and all come with their own traits to bring to the table.

 So in ending, I welcome you all to a new journey that I hope you take with us HOGS.


 Below are the senior members of HOGS , these members are trusted to keep the linkshell's in good order and discipline. These leaders will also look to resolve any problems, schedule events, and help in any other way that they can. All members of HOGS will help in anyway they can also. We just ask that when you can aid or help a member that you do so. Please understand that the leaders may be busy helping or even exping themselves and thus may not be able to help you when you ask, but give the time to get to you.


                                       Rockmann The Gold  

       Stahn Aileron                                  Stubbs Mitoe

       Roubian Zamark                             Shacka Nightwind 

       Linn Xiaou                                       Udakaizek helvetica

       Beringer  Tavadon                           Llan Hana

       Hephyr Briseroch                             Nan Lowell  




                                    Links to Websites

 Here are some links to some of the sites we use for information for Final Fantasy 14. Simply click on the links here to take you to the websites.

FFXIV.ZAM                                             FFXIV Pro                               

Materia Information                                Player and Linkshell Rankings       

How to do Macros                                  Understanding the Attributes

Moogle Box                          


                           The all 50 club

Congrats to the following HandsOfGods members for getting all their jobs to 50:   

Rockmann Thegold                                           Udakaizek Helvetica

Nan Lowell                                                       Yagiza Kitsune

Stahn Aileron                                                    Stubbs Mitoe

Roubian Zamark                                               


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